Wind Tube

Wind tubes will allow visitors to explore the effects that moving air has on objects. Visitors will make and test objects by putting them in the tube and seeing what happens!

Chalk Spinners

Fun spinning chalkboards that encourage artistic exploration and creativity, while developing coordination and dexterity.

Rocket Launcher

A fun station where people of all ages can design, then launch the rocket at a target while experiencing the power of air pressure, angles, and the wonders of physics.

Augmented Reality Topographic Sandbox

A hands-on sandbox exhibit with 3D visualization application. Children mold sand and the landscape comes to life with an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water.


A space where visitors invent/create/make using readily-available materials and modern technology!

Rube Goldberg Corner

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who imagined machines that perform a simple task in a complex or indirect way. Children will flex their STEM innovation skills at this station where they will build their own pathways to make a bell ring at the end.

Microscopes with Specimens

Visitors will learn about magnification and the specimens that they decide to view. The table will have a variety of specimens like snake skin, cells, pine cones, juniper berries, onion skin, and more to investigate

Little Learners Lab

An area especially designed for your little ones. We have a reading corner, light tables with insect x-rays, geometric figures & color cards, all sorts of building sets, mirrors, magnets, a balance, musical instruments, a wheel and axle kit, ball runs, and more!

Plasma Globe

A fun and safe way to learn about Tesla Coils! Experiment with fluorescent tubes for an even cooler effect!

Magnetic Wall

Magnetic tracks, chutes, tubes, and other features provide opportunities for visitors to learn about potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia and gravity!


Children are able to explore the world of electronics in a fun and safe way using Snap Circuits and Little Bits to create all kinds of projects!

Simple Machines

A complete simple machine set for visitors to experience: an inclined plane and cart, gear train model, pulley model, pendulum, wedge, gear rack, motion converter, fulcrum balance, simple lever, wheel & axle model, screw, and block and tackle set.

Seeking Locally-Inspired Exhibits from Inspired Locals!

Do you own a hot air balloon company?  Let’s create an exhibit about the science of hot air balloons!  

Do you work in the music industry?  Let’s create a recording station!

Are you a veterinarian? Let’s create an exhibit about animals’ sense of smell or sight or…

Are you a pilot?  Let’s create a station about the science of flight!

Are you a merchant?  Let’s create a station with a register for hands-on computing!

Do you work in the food industry?  Let’s create a hands-on experience for kids to get excited about cooking!

We need YOUR help!